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"The truth is, we all need to cry. When you're feeling sad or upset, crying can help release that negative energy and make you feel a little better." — Dr. Donna Rockwell, psychotherapist

Some may argue that crying is a sign of weakness. In fact, it's quite the opposite: Crying is an important part of mental health because it helps people deal with negative emotions they are experiencing.

Crying is important for mental health. The feeling of a tear rolling down your cheek, the burning in your chest and the lump in your throat are all great indicators that you're letting go of something, and it feels pretty good to cry.


1. It shows you need help and can lead to getting support.

2. It can indicate feelings of sympathy for someone

3. It leads to stress relief and unload emotions

4. It can result in emotional bonding through empathy

5. It is healthy for the eyes and can improve your mood

6. It can lead to bonding between child and parent

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